How we helped a Automotive Key Component Supplier

We have had a commercial relationship going back over 18 years with the aftermarket division of a global manufacturer and supplier of transmissions that are provided as original equipment in a number of prestige passenger cars as well as in commercial vehicles, buses, coaches and construction equipment, port equipment, rail equipment and marine applications.

We are involved in providing delivery services to meet exact time delivery requirements to our customer’s customers as many employ Just in Time logistics methodology which means that minimal inventory is held on their manufacturing sites and so any delays in receiving components has the potential to bring production lines to a halt which can have major financial implications.

Our customer also has a large contract to refurbish and upgrading transmissions for rail power cars which involves us delivering newly reworked items and collecting exchange units to be taken back for upgrading. We can be asked to undertake this multiple times a day in order to minimise turnaround of these and in turn keep downtime of the power cars to a minimum.

We also provide services to deliver and collect parts to/ from specialist engineering companies who carry out functions away from the customer’s facility.

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